first crest, successive crests

this is the first crested plant I grew. 2005. Grew, well, not really. I found this Aeonium “sunburst” doing what its doing in sharp contrast to the  the other big faces of the entire plant.

Crests are an aberration that happen from a bug bite or due to a virus.I can’t MAKE a plant produce a crest, I can only find and then nurture them. This Aeonium is still in my garden though greatly changed over these past ten years.

Watching this plant morph and knowing I missed really seeing it change is one of the reasons I’m building this blog.unnamed

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blue red divide

when did we begin to slam colors together? the contrast and the abruptness is so good. 
blue_red divide copy 2

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pearls getting longer


I planted the ‘string of pearls beads’ Senecio rowleyanus in 2013.


In 2014 pearls were getting longer. However, the plants were slightly stressed from too much afternoon sun. I ended up covering the tops over the summer to protect them. I began looking for a better solution. January 2015 I added Euphorbia caput-medusae in each planter.




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slow process, fans on front

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Incremental Progress, the start

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Ten years ago I read an article in a Futurist magazine about change. The premise was that the way we experience change is, well, changing. Writing in 2005, the author stated that by 2025 what we now think of as … Continue reading

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